Global Statistics, Inc. offers improvised explosives device (IED), suicide bomber, and other explosives detection and neutralization advanced techniques to prevent terrorists from setting off a dirty bomb, WMD, or other explosives.  Our expertise in this area is comprised of the following programs:

This Standoff Laser Detection System (SOED) is designed for Detecting and Neutralizing UXO, IEDs, Car Bombs and Suicide Bombers: Proof of Concept model is ready for further development.

Standoff Explosives Detection System (SOED)

This airborne sensor is now available through GSI, and can be used in a variety of ways to locate buried UXO, for de-mining efforts, and for exploring for metal ore over a wide region.

Airborne Resistivity Sensor

The methodology used provides a very safe testing method that will pose no danger at all to the user.  The detectors are able to detect the full range of the well-known types of military, commercial and homemade explosives.  Durable, self-contained plastic packaging enables the products to be used in a wide-variety of field operations civilian applications.  methodology

Explosives Detection Kit

Multiple sensors must be used to provide data that can be compared to arrive at the exactness for a final determination of where the mines are located.  Our approach is designed as an “Integrated Solution.”

IED Detection Program

Text Box: IED and Explosives Detection and Neutralization

Detection of Explosives Such as IEDs, Suicide Bombers, Car Bombs, etc.

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IED Inhibitor Blanket

De-Mining System

Provides a means for protecting our military forces and other key assets against improvised explosives devices (IEDs), thus becoming of great importance in conducting battlefield operations. 

The IED-specific Predictive Offender Movement Model proposed to be developed by AquilaVision will address the “Where and When” the offender might place an IED.  The model is a hybrid between a Network Distance Energy Cost model and a Bayesian probability model based on prior information about already exploded IEDs.